The phone consults with Lia have been indispensable. It was easy to call when the kids were sick–I felt so much better knowing that their medicine was natural. Now I always use Colormorgans consults when a health problem comes up.

Michelle, age 28
Mother and Licensed Acupuncturist
Questa, NM

My allergies were unbearable and I could hardly work because the side effects of the antihistamines were so bad. It only took one amazon listing optimization service consult and I have been symptom free–even during Spring pollen season! I feel that my immune system got stronger.

Allison, age 56
Government worker
Alexandria, VA

I had a big problem during my pre-menstrual days. I would get so angry with the kids and my husband. I had tried anti-depressants but I didn’t want to take something all through the month when it was only 7 days that I had the problem. I was so surprised when I breezed through 3 periods without becoming a madwoman! My allergies were much better too after TotalCare with Lia. I had to find something because my husband couldn’t handle it anymore.

Karen, age 43
Fairfax, VA

My bowels and digestion had been off for months. The medicine from the clinic hadn’t worked. Work had become difficult cause I had to be in the bathroom all the time. I had almost immediate relief after an AcuteCare consult. Haven’t needed anything else.

Jerry, age 54
Sunshine Valley, NM

Colormorgans helped me with my emotions after my divorce. The stress and sadness was really taking a toll on my body and all my regular health problems were flaring, like my herpes, P.M.S. and headaches. The kids needed help during this time too. I didn’t know that there was help for grief and depression using natural things!

Terri, age 45
Portland , Oregon