Sleeping Problems – Getting Regular Sleep

Sleeping problems are nothing uncommon. In fact, with the kind of busy life that most of the people lead, having some form of sleeping problem is nothing to be scared about. If you are one of the majority who suffer from an incomplete night’s sleep or full blown insomnia, here are a few pointers as to how to get it back without any major changes in your schedule.

A Warm Bath

The luxury of a nice warm bath is always appreciated. But when taken before bath, it can solve your sleeping problems without even having to resort to melatonin sleeping tablets. A warm (but not scalding hot) bath helps your body reach the optimum temperature needed to fall into a deep sleep easily since the body needs an optimum temperature to fall into an inactive state more easily.

Sleeping Problems

Light Exercises

The benefits of various forms of light exercises like yoga cannot be denied. In fact, most relaxation techniques can work wonders with helping you fall asleep. Not only do they help you with calming your nerves, they help with a certain amount of fatigue as well. However, it is important not to overdue the exercise as the adrenaline rush can have an opposite effect.


It is a popular belief that staying away from music helps with sleeping while this is true for the louder versions of music like rock or metal, you can opt for lighter versions. Moderation always helps and a little light music or simple sound effects like the sound of dolphins, rain against a roof or even a narrated script can have a hypnotic effect, helping soothe your thoughts and thus helping you fall asleep.

Too much of TV is not good

All our electronic equipment releases some form of wave or the other. As such, while most of them are quite harmless, research has shown that certain equipment like a television in the bedroom can have an adverse effect on your sleeping patterns. Thus, if you want an effortless and easy sleep, stop watching too much TV, especially before sleep.

Besides the above points, if you live in a noisy area, certain other more mundane steps like using double glazing on the wall or even the use of ear plugs can help a lot. In case of a highly lighted area, consider employing the use of thicker curtains. In essence, a dark, quiet and a moderately warm room is the perfect place for a good sleep.

At the End

While a constant sleep cycle of 6 to 8 hours at periodic intervals are the best for rest, in this fast paced world, that kind of routine might be a bit hard to maintain. In that case, you may consider to order melatonin håndkøb to help in your fight for a restful nights sleep. The most popular dosage of Melatonin for adults is 3-5mg and for children a maximum of 1mg 30 minutes before going to bed.