Building a Amazon Copywriting Blog – 3 Hot Money-Making Secrets

Are you a Amazon copywriter? You are lucky, since there’s never ever been a better time to begin a copywriting career — there’s more work than you are able to handle. You may have heard that among the easiest ways to promote your services and to generate a consistent high income is creating a blog site.


That’s real. Nevertheless, while a blog can be a fantastic advertising tool, it can also be a complete disaster. There are several pitfalls to avoid.

For example, invariably each time a copywriter creates a blog, he decides that he’ll write about Amazon copywriting.

1. Write About Amazon Copywriting? No!

Often, writing about message is a mistake. Though you will get plenty of visitors to the blog because “copywriting” is a favorite keyword, obtaining paying clientele from that traffic is a hit & miss affair.

Unless there is a special reason for you to produce a blog about your personal profession, develop a blog which will appeal to the target audience of yours. For example, if you write for lots of real estate customers, it is smart to make a real estate blog.

Similarly, if your clients live in your local region, creating a blog about on your neighborhood state or city is an excellent idea.

Once you target your main audience, or maybe location, you can use your blog as being a writing sample to let your clients know you’re a professional. This’s extremely appealing to clients, and you will be able to impose more.

2. Create Regular Updates to Establish The Blog of yours

As soon as you have created your Amazon product copywriter blog, comprehend that it will take time to become established, also to be listed by the major search engines. You can speed up this process by getting links from other blogs, however, the key secret is to update the content of yours on a regular basis.

For the very first 3 weeks, write several blog posts a week.

After 3 months, you can slow down the speed at which you publish, since you will be getting a good amount of site visitors from search engines and lots of inquiries about your services.

3. Learn Seo (SEO) Basics: It Pays Off

There are two ways you can promote the blog of yours and Amazon copywriting services. A way is to pay for marketing. There is nothing bad with this, it truly does work, and you will get constant writing jobs.

If you are blogging to get free visitors however, you’ll need to learn SEO basics. Should you learn the basics: of keywords, page titles, and page descriptions, as well as the basics of link strategy, you will get an excellent flow of traffic, and from that traffic will come your Amazon copywriting clients.