Boosting Your Immunity System

Do you know the function of melatonin? If not, then you’ll now come to know everything about it here!

The pineal gland, also known as the ‘third eye’, releases the melatonin hormone. It’s a small endocrine gland from where the hormone secretion takes place and affects the pattern of your sleep.

Numerous studies have shown that the nervous and endocrine system and  immune system are correlated in their functioning. Hence, the secretion of the melatonin from the small endocrine gland plays a significant role in providing immunity to your body.

Pineal Gland - Immune System

How the pineal gland and immune system are related?

Researchers conducted various experiments to this end. The experimentations included rhythmic synchronisation and pinealectomy.

In this latter experiment, scientists remove the pineal gland to see its effect on your body. However, the former is an investigation of how your brain works during various tasks and even when you’re at rest. These two experiments were done together to see how your brain reacts without the melatonin secretion when you work and see its effect on your body.

Hence, functional connectivity was established as a result of this experimentation. The researchers found that there exists an association between melatonin secretion and the immunity of your body.

Therefore, doctors suggest taking melatonin supplement these days in case of deficiencies. You can buy melatonin supplements that come as herbal tablets to boost your immunity system.

Benefits of taking melatonin supplements

  1. You can control your Inflammatory Bowel Diseases or the IBD with a supply of melatonin hormone in your system. Results had also shown an improvement in bowel movements when the patients consumed the melatonin tablets at regular intervals.
  2. NK cells or Natural Killer cell belongs to the white blood cells category. Melatonin helps in increasing activity of these cells which, in turn, can kill infected cells. Thus, you can imagine how essential NK cells are for the healthy functioning of your body.
  3. Thus, doctors advise to buy melatonin supplements and consume them to protect you from viral diseases or tumors.
  4. Melatonin also performs the function of an antioxidant that fights radicals and keeps  human body safe. It’s a hormone that can overcome the semi-permeable membrane of blood-brain barrier which most antioxidants can’t. Thus, it protects you against growth of any cancer cells.
  5. Melatonin enables greater stimulation of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormones. The hypothalamus releases TRH which, in turn, stimulates the secretion of TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Thus, melatonin uk supplements can help people above 50 years of age enhance their metabolism.
  6. Immunosenescence is the gradual degradation of immune system. Thus, buy melatonin tabs to protect yourself from this phenomenon that your body may go through due to ageing or other factors like a decrease in peripheral T-cells or if your body loses pre-matured B cells.

Thus, you can see how melatonin plays a significant role in protecting  human body. Therefore, take the advice of a doctor on whether you have necessary melatonin level in your blood or need tabs to enhance its functioning.