Are You Planning to Opt for Tanning Injections?

If yes, there are certain things that you need to know before you get hold of the best Melatonin in the UK. Undoubtedly it is the safest method of getting your skin suntanned, but you should also know what to use and in how much quantity. Here, you will get a vivid idea all about it.

What to buy?

The best product that is available in the market presently is melanotan peptide. It is a natural initiator for secretion of pigmentation hormone. This has absolutely no side effect and can be used easily.


How to buy Melatonin in the UK?

These are available in medicated stores and salons, as well as online shopping can be done. If you are a first-time buyer or user, you can get it done from a medicated spa or salon. After one time, it is better to purchase online as they provide discounts on quality products.

Guide to using tanning injections

If you are getting it done by yourself, make sure that you buy an entire kit. There, you will get all the required supplies like:

  • Syringe
  • Melanotan II peptide vials
  • Sterile water
  • Alcohol wipes

How to use it?

  1. Mix 1 ml of sterile water with 1 unit of product vial
  2. Push the mixture in the vial and place it in the freezer overnight to let the powder mix
  • Prepare the area where you will inject the solution, by using alcohol wipes
  1. Next step is to push the air out and inject it into the skin

The ultra-thin needles will cause no pain or leave no mark. If you are looking for better results, it is best to take sun bedding after each session of tanning injection. You can buy it online and store it in the freezer for using it later.


The amount of Melatonin peptide needed to tan a skin depends on the original skin tone.

  • For fair complexion: 30 to 50mg
  • For wheatish complexion: 20 to 30mg
  • For dusky skin tone: 10 to 20mg

At the beginning of the procedure, it is best to use the injection every alternate day. After that, once a week will be good enough. This way you can easily maintain your desired pigmented tone.


To buy melatonin you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s check how much in total do you have to pay on an average:

  • Alcohol wipes: For a pack of 10, it will cost around £1.25
  • Syringe: The average cost of 10 syringes will be around £3.25
  • Melanotan II peptide vials: 1 bottle of 10ml will cost £20 on an average.

Now that you know about the procedure and price, find a reliable online retailer and get the authentic product from them. One major benefit is there will be no side effect. Get your melatonin today!